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Animal Projects

Major Show Entries

Please make sure you have completed your Quality Counts test.

All livestock 
exhibitors required to take online test 

All livestock shows require exhibitors to pass the Quality Counts "Texas Trail".

Exhibitors only need to be verified once as a junior and once again as a senior. Junior is 8 years of age and in the third grade through 13 years of age. A senior is 14 years or older.

The Quality Counts website, CLICK HERE, has a link to the test and additional information.

Additional questions please contact an Ag Teacher.


TCYS Entry Form Alexandria Bowen 9/17/2018 304 KB
TCYS Schedule Alexandria Bowen 9/17/2018 74 KB
TCYS Poultry Order Form Alexandria Bowen 9/19/2018 188 KB



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